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Truffle Sport Club
         Truffl e-Sports Club

according to the regulations of the FCI, according to the statutes of the Swiss Lagotto Club

open to all dog breeds in training.*

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We founded the Truffle Sports Club at the beginning of 2023.

Truffles or Dummies:

6 truffles or dummies, which are provided with truffle oil, are buried.

The fastest human-dog team to dig up all the truffles and put them in the bowl wins.

There are deductions for incorrect digging and anyone who digs up a dummy from the neighboring square or if the dog eats a dummy is disqualified. This is why in the beginners class it is also possible to work with a chest harness and a leash. However, this is no longer possible in the advanced class.

All holes must be closed by the executors.

Rules for Speed Truffles:

The human-dog team must find and present as many truffles as possible in the fastest time according to the rules.

When stabbing, the time of the first truffle found counts.


Club membership fee: 40€ per year

Training fee per 1.5 hours training: 20€

for non-members 25€

Truffle hunting image.jpg


Payment of the club fee
BIC : RZSTAT2G AT82 3800 0000 0842 4194 Please indicate the member name as payment reference

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