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Lagotto Passion

Trüffelsuchhund Gea und Christos Lagotto Romagnolo

Truffle dogs

At Lagotto Passion we breed exceptional dogs in a loving and caring environment. We are committed to a responsible breeding program and place great importance on ensuring that our animals remain healthy and happy when they find their new homes.

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Lagotto Romagnolo dog breeding

The Lagotto Romagnolo breed was selected and bred for truffle hunting. We follow this tradition and attach great importance to allowing our dogs to live out what is inside them. What began as a passion with the Lagotto Romagnolo has been further developed with Lagotto Passion.
We live and breed responsibly in Styria under the guidelines of the FCI and ÖKV. Our dogs have extremely good social behavior, are health-tested for hereditary diseases and are very successful in national and international exhibitions.

We are committed to the working line and only breed with dogs with perfect disposition.

In the standard (FCI Standard 298), the body structure of the Lagotto Romagnolo is described in detail. If the dog's proportions are well set, the dog is functionally capable of its tasks.

The "ideal of beauty" set by the breed standard is therefore not just something "for the eye" in this breed, but of considerable value for a good interaction of the dog's anatomy.

All of our dogs are therefore happy to be shown at exhibitions. Different judges give different verdicts. So that we at "Lagotto Passion" can look at our dogs without prejudice, we are happy to accept the help of having our dogs judged by an outside person.

Our successes at exhibitions also show us that we are on the right track.

In our dog breeding we follow our path with the motto:

"Quality over quantity" .

We are members of the following dog breeding associations

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Swiss Lagotto Club
Lagotto Club Italy
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logo Austria

Contact Lagotto Passion

Avelyn Pugibet BA MA MA
and Ing. Gilles Pugibet


Austria, Styria and Southern France, Bessan

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