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Lagotto Passion Amabile Don Christos

              Champion Austria
Champion Slovenia
Champion Hungary
Youth Champion Austria
Youth Champion Montenegro
Youth Champion Kosovo
Youth Grand Champion Kosovo
Youth Champion Macedonia
Youth Grand Champion Macedonia
Youth Champion Albania
Youth Grand Champion Albania
Youth Champion of Mediterranean
Youth Champion of Balkan
Future Hope Croatia

Born: 14.12.2020 in Styria/Austria

Breeder: Avelyn and Gilles Pugibet (Lagotto Passion)

Mother: our R.Sel Multichampion Artemide (Antonio Poggiali)

Father: R.Sel. Multichampion Bock (Vincenzo Ramacciato)


We introduced Christos to truffle hunting at a very early age

animated and trained.

Already at the age of 9 months +2 days, in September 2021, he was able to take a working test on the black truffle in Switzerland and passed it.

A month later in October 2021, he also passed the

Truffle testing on the white truffle in Italy/Bagno di Romagna.

Thus, he already has at this young age the

Obtaina Working Class Certificate


Laboklin: LSD-free,

Furnishing free

ED: 0/0

EVER: +/-

Full dentition scissor bite

Partella: free


Eyes ECVO Nov.2022 free

Genetic DNA profile at Laboklin and MyDogDNA



Austria: IHA Tulln: 2xCAC, 2xJCAC, 3x Youth Best, 2x Best Young Dog, 3x BOS

Crufts Qualification, Youth Danube Winner, Federal Youth Winner

Austria: Lagotto Club, V1, Youth Best, Best Young Dog, BOS

Italy: Lagotto Club, Bagno die Romagna, Youth Class 2nd Place

Switzerland: Lagotto Club, Exhibition: V1,

Truffle competition youth class, 3rd place

Puppy Class:

Croatia: IHA Varazdin: 2x V1

Slovenia: IHA Maribor: V1

IHA Pohorje: V1, Puppy BIS 3


Youth Danube Winner 2021

Federal Youth Winner 2021

2x Crufts Qualification 2022

Unsere Hunde: Liste
Approved for breeding since May 2022
Pedigree can be viewed here:
Amabile Don Christos
Amabile Don Christos
Amabile Don Christos
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